“Still Moving” is an eclectic tapestry of ambient texture, melodic reflection, birdsong, and genre bending rhythmic motion. It is a labor of love that manifested quite magically throughout the course of the past few years. As I make the final touches to get it out the door, I am struck by how the title of the album so clearly describes the manner in which it unfolded...mysteriously flowing, yet not without obstacles and delays, which in truly ironic fashion spawned new ideas and even a last minute unexpected track, “Still Life”. 

Three of the ten tracks were hatched in a cyberspace collaboration with my good friend, Jan Pulsford, which started with the unceasing vocals of a mockingbird who had taken residence outside her window in June '08. After too many days of this, she recorded and posted a clip on her myspace page. I jokingly remarked that it could be interesting fodder for composition and thus began “The Mockingbird Suite” project, which includes “Mockingbird Electric”, “Mockingbird Eclectic”, and, “Mockingbird Jam”. You will find them sprinkled throughout the album, rather than being grouped together in the traditional way.

The remaining tracks came through on an individual basis - “Tilt 23.5”, “Indigo Visions”, “A Call to Hearts”, “Still Moving”, “Moon Steps”, “First Day”, and the latest arrival, “Still Life”.

In retrospect, I am most grateful for the unwavering support of my friends & family who have always been there for me from the very beginning, as well as the new friends, and the old with whom I've reconnected. Whether in real life, Second Life, facebook, twitter, or all the other myriad of social media, you know who you are! Thanks so much for your listening ears and hearts! Blessings & Peace~ 
Kathy Raimey


Special thanks to Jan Pulsford and the Mockingbird who sang outside her window.

Photography: W.K. Stunja

Art Design and Layout: Barbara Shaw

All tracks composed, performed, and produced by Kathy Raimey.
Copyright 2011 © ℗ Kathy M Gleim. All Rights Reserved. 
Published by Spiral Soundcase Music (ASCAP)

Jan Pulsford is featured as guest artist and co-writer on the Mockingbird Suite tracks: Mockingbird Electric, Mockingbird Eclectic, & Mockingbird Jam.
She is published by English Valley Music (ASCAP)

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