Excited to be launching my latest work, "Angles of Angels" in the coming months!

"Still Moving" ranks in the Top 10 for 3 months straight!  

(Nov 2011 to Jan 2012)

"Still Moving" nominated for Best Electronic Album at ZoneMusicReporter's Lifestyle Awards

"Still Moving" ranked #10 at ZoneMusicReporter's Top 100 Album Airplay for December 2011. Kudos to all the radio folks who played and reported the music, and also to Jan Pulsford who played and co-wrote with me on the Mockingbird tracks!


"Still Moving" has qualified for the 2011 ZMR LifeStyle Music Awards in the following categories: Album of the Year, Best Electronic Album, Best Cover Art.


"Still Moving" has made it into the Top 100 for 2011 at ZoneMusicReporter!


"Still Moving" has jumped from #21 to #7, in the New Age Charts, Nov 2011!

from ZoneMusicReporter Oct 2011..."Still Moving" has entered the ZMR Top 100 chart at #21!

Zone Music Reporter, New Age / Ambient / World Top 100 Radio Chart 

Kathy Raimey's third CD, "Still Moving", is an eclectic tapestry of ambient texture, melodic reflection, birdsong, and genre bending rhythmic motion. Collaborative artist/writer/producer, Jan Pulsford, appears on three of the ten tracks, along with the mockingbird who sang outside her window in June 2009. 

Available at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and other similar sites!  Just in time for for Holiday shopping!


Jan Pulsford, veteran musician/composer/producer extraordinaire interviews Kathy Raimey on "Behind the Monitor", simulcast on Second Life and www.radiojana.com - July 8, 2009 Click on the link above to hear the 50 minute podcast!
Kathy Raimey - Live at City Skies'09 Kathy Raimey performs at the Second Annual CitySkies'09 Electronic Music Festival May 8th at 8pm - Kavarna Cafe and Pub in the historic Oakhurst district in Decatur, Georgia! Click on the link to hear the 45 minute set!
Kathy Raimey will perform at the 2nd Annual City Skies Electronic Music Festival on Friday, May 8 at 8 pm. The festival runs Thursday through Saturday, May 7 - 9 at Kavarna in Decatur, Georgia. City Skies Electronic Music Events are held in the Atlanta area and feature musicians from around the U.S. heard on Music From the Hearts of Space, Echoes, Star's End, Soma FM, StillStream, Galactic Travels, and more. Musical styles ranged from ambient to downtempo chillout to Berlin school to electropop to space rock to experimental. City Skies '09 realelectronicmusicperformedlivebyhumans www.cityskies.com www.instantkarma.com Kavarna 707 East Lake Drive Decatur, GA 30030

According to New Age Reporter, "It Is Always Now" ranked number 47 in the Top 50 Airplay Chart for 2008. It's highest position was 11, and was listed for 6 months.

From http://www.newagereporter.com/charts/Top1002008.asp

"There were over 2338 recordings reported to us over the past year and these are the top airplay titles for 2008. Congratulations to the Top 100 Artists on this achievement. (Compiled from Top 20 airplay data submitted from January to December 2008)"

"It Is Always Now" ranks #22 in the top-selling New Age Progressive genre at CD Baby.
"It Is Always Now" has been listed at Music Choice', "Soundscapes" top ten chart for five consecutive months.
"It Is Always Now" continues to chart one year since its release in October 2007, with its re-entry into the New Age/Ambient/World Top 100.
Once again, "It Is Always Now" hits the number 1 spot at Music Choice "Soundscapes" digital TV music channel. It hit number 1 in June, 7 in July, and rebounded for August 2008.
Roberto Vales, host and producer of "A Ultima Frontiera", the exquisitely crafted new age radio program broadcast from Pontevedre, Spain, releases "Lost Frontier Sampler 11" on July 23, 2008 for free worldwide digital distribution. The double CD consists of tracks donated by artists who have been featured on his program. My track, "African Pearl" from "It Is Always Now" opens the second CD. I feel humbled and honored to be included alongside such artists as Will Ackerman, Fiona Joy Hawkins, and Paul Speer. Check it out and download at http://www.lostfrontier.org/2006/documents/descargas/sampler_11.html
According to New Age Reporter's June Top Twenty Report, "It Is Always Now" hit the number 1 spot at Music Choice', "Soundscapes" channel!
"Quiet Rain", the fourth track of "It Is Always Now" hits #8 at the Weekly Top Ten at Music Choice's "Soundscapes" Digital Cable TV Channel. http://backstage.musicchoice.com/channels/soundscapes.asp
Just got notice via ASCAP that "Heart Murmurs" earned credit as a promo/commercial cue on "the CW" TV Network in October 2007! Nice... :)
"It Is Always Now" moves up from 29 to 11 in New Age Reporter's Top 100 Chart. A total of 41 programs have added "It Is Always Now" to their playlists. See home page for complete list.
As reported by New Age Reporter and New Vision Radio Promotion, "It Is Always Now" made the following Top 20 Playlists for April: #2, KTEP, "Audiosyncracy" #2, Montana Public Radio, "Oasis" #2, WDBX, "Music from Beyond the Lakes" #4, KCUR, "Night Tides" #5, KUAC, "NightLight" #5, WMSE, "Instrumental Saturdays" #8, WXDU, "New Frontiers" #9, WVUD, "The Morning Fog" #10, SLOR, "Soon...Comes the Night" #11, KZUM, "Murphy's Magic Mess" #13, Radio Mir, "Music of Spheres" #13, WMHB, "Stroke the Goddess" #13, WVKR, "Secret Music" #14, Syndicated, "Celestial Reasonings" #15, WWSP, "Ambient Aether/Space Continuum" #17, CKUW, "Shades of Classics" #17, RFI Romania, "Journeys to the Infinite" #18, Galaxie CBC, "Instrumental/New Age" #18, WKNH, "Planetary Prismatic Psonics" #19, KRCB, "The Night Traveler", #19, WYBF, "The Pit"
Digital cable channel, Music Choice "Soundscapes" will add tracks from "It Is Always Now".
A total of 27 programs have added "It Is Always Now" to their playlists. See home page for complete list.
As reported by New Age Reporter and New Visions Radio Promotions, "It Is Always Now" made the following Top 20 Playlists for March: #4, WYSO, "Alpha Rhythms" #6, KUAC, "NightLight" #7, KEAO - MANAO RADIO, "Cocoland Sunrise Radio Show" #8, Galaxie CBC, "Instrumental / New Age" #10, Radio Mir, "Music of the Spheres" #15 KIPO, "Playlist International" #15, WSCS, "Music from the Cosmic Wheel" #16, WYBF, "The Pit" #18, Radio Despi, "La Otra Orilla" #20, CKUW, "Shades of Classics"
Kyle McAlister is the host and producer of "NightSounds", at 89.7FM KACU, Abilene, Texas.
Brad Hartwell hosts WSCS's "Music from the Cosmic Wheel" every Thursday from 7 to 9 pm from Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire.
Bill Fox hosts "Afterglow" at WMUH, Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
Bill Binkelman, an icon in the New Age Music Industry, reviews "It Is Always Now" at New Age Reporter. Check it out!
"Riverbend" takes a spin at Maya's very cool "Starlit Skies", 90.7 FM, KSER, Seattle, Washington. Starlit Skies airs every Monday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 pm. Check out www.starlitskies.org.
"It Is Always Now" hits the February Top 100 at #57. New Age Reporter charts the Top 100 New Age/Ambient/World Radio/ Internet Airwaves.
"It Is Always Now" made the following Top 20 Playlists for February: #6, WFIT, "Global Groove" #11, Radio Despi, "La Otra Orilla" #16, Galaxie CBC #17, Galaxie CBC, "Instrumental / New Age" #18, CKUW, "Shades of Classics"
"Captain Christopher" Albright gives "Illumination" a spin on his Cheezmuzik Programme at WTUL, Tulane University Center in New Orleans. Cheezmuzik airs Sunday mornings from 6:00 to 10:00 am Central.
RJ Lannan of New Age Reporter reviews, "It Is Always Now", at The Sounding Board.
"It Is Always Now" made the following Top 20 Playlists for January: #8 - Galaxie CBC, Ottawa, CANADA #15 - "Shades of Classics", CKUW, Winnipeg, CANADA #20 - "InnerVisions" Syndicated Radio Program, KRSC, Tulsa, Oklahoma #20 - "Global Groove", WFIT-AM, New York, NY
"African Pearl" received airplay on "La Otra Orilla" at Radio Despi - www.radiodespi.com - on February 11. Radio Despi is produced in Barcelona, Spain. Listen to this show at http://www.laotraorilla.blip.tv/file/663678 SHOW 382
"Many Hands Make Light the Load", is added to the play list of "Landscapes", Smooth Jazz, 103.1 FM - WLOQ, Orlando, Florida. Producer and Host, Mark Butler, airs his Sunday morning program from 6:30 to 10:00 am. It's the perfect blend...smooth jazz, a fresh cup of coffee and the morning paper.
Even if you can't understand Spanish, check out A Ultima Fronteira Radio's blogspot. "It Is Always Now" will receive airplay on Saturday, February 2, 2008 from the local transmitter in Pontevedra, Spain. A podcast of the show will be available on iTunes after the show.
"It Is Always Now" ranked #11 in the Top 20 December 2007 playlist of "Global Groove" at WFIT-AM, New York, NY. (SUNY's Fashion Institute of Technology Radio Station). Source: New Age Reporter.
The just released CD, "It Is Always Now", has been chosen as an Editor's Pick selection in the New Age: Progressive Alternative category at CD Baby!
“imagine magic dream together music springs a water song silent rain of peace” The October 2007 release, "It Is Always Now", has arrived. Featuring Kathy’s heartfelt piano touch, this introspectively evocative collection blends atmospheric ambient soundscapes with works for piano and strings, piano and udu, solo piano, and electronica and voice, to create a uniquely mesmerizing and uplifting listening experience. Spanning the gamut from dreamy imaginative electronica, neoclassic cinematic tenderness, and capricious mixes of unlikely elements, she takes us on a journey through interior landscapes that both soothe and energize. Click on the cover art below to hear soundclips at CD Baby. KATHY RAIMEY: It Is Always Now
"Shimmer Float", the final track on "Flowers of Fire", aired September 8, 2007 on WIAA's "Repose", hosted by Frank Slaughter. WIAA is IPR Radio - Interlochen, Michigan.
Two of Kathy's pieces have been accepted into a new music production library.
This website is a virtual community of musicians and offers a wonderfully convenient means to submit music to publishers and labels via TAXI - an A&R service for independent musicians. Check out clips you may or may not have yet heard.
Well, it has been awhile! Not to worry, though...practicing and writing are seriously underway again, and that is a good thing! Woo HOO! :)))
Ahh...sometimes one must work in the real world to support the music habit. Patience, patience...be patient with me... :)
From July 2001 to April 2004, Kathy develops a loyal following of listeners with her live improvisations of contemplative meditational music at Midtown Spiritual Community in Atlanta, Georgia.
Kathy Raimey's EP length debut CD, has received international airplay in Japan, Romania and Canada, and numerous radio stations in the U.S. from Alaska to New York City have added it to their new age program playlists. A sampling of these include: LOVE FM - Fukuoka, JAPAN CHGA - Maniwaki, Quebec, CANADA Radio ARAD - Arad, ROMANIA KEUL - Girdwood, Alaska KTEP - El Paso, Texas KUMD - Duluth, Minnesota WAWL - Chattanooga, Tennessee WBAI - New York, NY WDBX - Carbondale, Illinois WDPS - Dayton, Ohio WKNH - Keene, New Hampshire WXPR - Rhinelander, Wisconsin WMBR - Cambridge, Massachusetts WSIA - Staten Island, NY WZBC - Boston, Massachusetts www.folkimage.com
Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this music! Flowers of Fire has been found to cause young children to successfully achieve a deep state of napping; massage clients to become deliriously relaxed; yoga students to hold postures once thought impossible; and drivers stuck in Atlanta traffic to become meek as lambs....
Kathy Raimey's EP Length CD, Flowers of Fire released on Spiral Soundcase Music. album cover

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